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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will neither endorse nor oppose  Warren Rogers for Utah state House of Representatives because doing either would conflict with the Church’s political neutrality policy, which says that the Church does not endorse or oppose candidates for public offices. has an animation which I found by visiting and entering “political neutrality whiteboard animation” into the search field. You can repeat the steps I took or you can copy the address below into the address field at the top of you browser.

The animation is fun watch and a provides valuable information. Many other churches have comparable policies.

How many political parties are there on 2018 Utah Ballots?

Citizens who rely on the media to keep them well informed likely know only of two, Republican and Democratic, because news organizations (the media) rarely mention any others. On the Media Page of this website I explain why the media consistently chooses not to tell citizens anything about other parties and other candidates.

The 2018 race for Utah House of Representatives district 68 is a crowded race. Not only are there Republican and Democratic Candidates, and Warren Rogers (Independent American Party ), but there are other candidates as well.

Warren Rogers seeks to stand for the right and urges all citizens to stand for the right.

Warren Rogers argues

  • that the Lord will provide good government to us when our citizens do their duties as citizens as explained on the Citizens Page of this website;
  • that the duties of citizens include calling or drafting a candidate for each public office just as citizens did in the days of America’s Founding Fathers as explained on the Leaders Page of this website;
  • that freedom of religion is the Lord’s top political issue priority in 2018, as explained on the Religious Freedom Page of this website; and
  • that restoration of constitutional government should be the goal of every Utah citizen, but an article 5 convention is not the right way to accomplish that because the dangers of such a convention are great while the benefits would be minimal, as explained on the Article 5 Page.

The page on this website called Warren Rogers gives some biographical information. In 2010, brother Rogers was a candidate for a county office. From the 2010 County Page, you can see issue positions that were on his website for that county race.

The main reason why citizens are not voting for the best candidate for each public office is because they have never even heard of the best candidate for most public offices. Please choose the candidate you support for each office and then make sure that everyone who knows you, also knows who you support for each office. This is especially important when your candidate is ignored by the media. Politics is not a spectator sport. It is an opportunity for each citizen to stand for the right in public. This is more explained on the Citizens Page. On the Federal Candidates Page of this website, Warren Rogers practices what he preaches by showing you who he supports for federal offices. Each of these federal candidates also needs concerned citizens to spread the word that he is a candidate.